Financial  Fitness

Financial  Fitness :

Definitely you would , have  done some cool challenges in your life, like fitness challenge ,shredding 5 or 10 pounds , eating good foods, cleaning up home.

Have you ever thought of doing a financial challenge  or financial fitness ? , if not please add to your list for financial success.

The challenges can be as simple to hardest

  1. Revisiting your bills to see opportunity for saving. You might be paying for home landline phone , you may not be using for several months. The internet provider might be charging more on your bill . You might be paying for the TV Channels which you don’t watch.  You are paying more for your auto insurance.
  2. Have a 7 day plan to revisit your all your investment like 401k, IRA, 529 etc to re balance or reduce the expense fee charged by funds ( a small 0.75% can lead to more than 100K fee over years ).
  3. Have a 30 days challenge to learn from anywhere or anything on financials / investments.
  4. If you are expert on trading , set a limit to reach some crazy profit levels in 30 days or 60 days.

Choose what works for you , but for sure have a plan in your list for  the financial fitness.

I usually do some short-term financial goals in  sometimes of the year irrespective of the market condition. This is typically like your fitness goal, shredding 5 pounds or 10 pounds in few weeks.This like  going crazy in investments and bumping up your balance.

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