Biggest Market Secret on Growth stocks exposed

Biggest Market Secret on Growth stocks exposed :

I will reveal , the quick and easy way to identify the growth stocks.

You would have noticed many suggesting growth stocks , but most of the investors do not know  what is growth and lose money in market. There are many financial jargons to evaluate the growth stocks,most of them calculate it incorrectly and time it incorrectly.


There is easy quick  way to find it is pick the  large cap growth ETF and look at their  top 9 holdings and commingle the stocks to come up with the list. Below I came with the top 10 list , below stocks returned 70% yearly returns, 3 stocks more than 100% in year returns.  The stock market index returns where 14.75% during this time.


One caution note is , ETF do not update their holding to public for a quarter – have safe stop loss to protect your gains.

3 Large growth ETF

Schwab Large Cap growth ETF, IShares Growth ETF, Vanguard Growth Index

Top 9 growth stocks with 1-year return as of 02/28/2018 , average return on below top 10 stocks is 70%

  • Apple – 31 %
  • Amazon  -79%
  • Facebook –  32%
  • Alphabet (google ) – 31 %
  • Microsoft -46%
  • Visa  -39%
  • Boeing -105%
  • Abbvie -87%
  • Nvidia – 139%
  • Netflix –  104%

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