When is next Recession ? Exactly !

When is next Recession ? Exactly !

Identifying the next recession requires lot of parameters need to be evaluated. The economist touch some of the key indicators like

  • Unemployment rate
  • Currency Strength
  • Changes in gross domestic product
  • Interest rates
  • Balance of trade
  • Inflation
  • Corporate profits


The list goes on and on with endless limits

Starting back from 2011,  many experts or website or economist keep preaching recession is around the corner, right here now , will be soon , almost the there.

8 years has passed hearing the rotten stories.

When we look at the very micro economics on your day to day to activities – things are quiet very different and contracting .

The new age of economics completely different from old schools – many micro business / passive incomes drive the macro economics.

UBER / Lyft drivers, where there gross income is more than 100K annual from their main job – they do UBER for extra disposable income for  vacation , buying new stuff or even save.


A niche idea ( not the implementation ) , turns into cash by crowdfunding or from investors.


Builder  does a complete  different way of traditional business model, without a single penny he builds a large commercial complex with REIT investment.


Passive incomes has taken an exponential curve , a person commuting daily to work also does a amazon delivery job ( on the way to home deliver stuff )  earns decent money for his vacation, retirement, and savings. Blogger earns 100K per month (yes ) as passive income.

Kindle Self Publishers, Fivverr, taskrabbit , amazon resellers, gruhub delivery, affiliate marketing, network marketing ,delivery drivers, rent your car (turo ), Limes scooter .

Many more to list , these all came to existence , after the last recession ( 2008 ).

The business and service model had an paradigm shift after 2008, the microeconomics entirely different and unthinkable.There could be correction in market or we really going to have recession ?

What you think , share you thoughts

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