Do you have the FIRE in Investment

“ FIRE “ is a latest trending  terminology, which is used among the growing millennials as a wisdom word to achieve the financial goals.

FIRE Is simple acronym :

FIRE – Financial Independence & Retire Early

Ok, I will teach you how to jump from aeroplane without a parachute now , but i never done this or dreamt about this in my life before.

Yep , easy to  give advise ! , hard to implement.

Simple principles to reach FIRE  :


  • Invest early  

    • The big companies wanted to rob from your early age ,they don’t need old aged people.


  • Always use the power of compounding in investing.

    • oh yeah , compounding takes minimum 30 years to work , oh yes you will be in alzheimer stage at that time you never realize that you started compounding
  • Diversify the allocation  

Remember you also diversifying the returns , and also you are sharing your bread to different people to eat your money . You are so generous , making sure everyone gets the share  !


  • Work very hard from  8 to 5

    • Especially make sure your boss is happy , otherwise you will have dent in your mustard size sarlay raise or bonus. If you work after 5 and have less balance with family , you might get an additional mustard.


  • Save for Retirement

    • Keep hearing , what you saving now is not enough for future  – oh yes , big companies are so worried about your future ?. None of the smart guy would say  “ get rich now “ rather in your old age.
  • Save for College

    • Promoted College is most expensive . Why can’t the kid can study good and have 100% scholarship ,? , invest on the kid now make him sharp  or be smart kid be a college drop out ( eg . Mark Zuckerberg )


  • Payoff mortgage  early

    • Companies give 30 years mortgage , and immediately promote pre-pay mortgage to save interest . This is complete financial strategy , they know you are paying mortgage for 30 years is risk for them, they know you are going to have so much of changes in life in 30 years, thats why they promote to give the money back ASAP by prepaying.


  • You are forced to invest in stock market by some means ( 401k , Employee stock option , IRA, 529 etc )

    • No one has made pure money just investing in stock market. People who made money in stock market did not invest their own money , they were selling products , services  and got rich ( including investing grandfather Mr. Warrent Buffet ).

      If the market crashes, know how to bite the bullet. Smart people will take the  money out , they need someone else money to be parked in market and keep bleeding , Thats you !


Just wanted to make sure,  did you got any FIRE now ?

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