Grilled Technology

Technology sector is getting beaten up starting this week , the NASADAQ index is down 2% , the technology sector  ETF XLK is down 2%

Leading FANG stocks are grilled

  • F- Facebook – This week down 8%
  • A- Amazon  – This week down -2 %
  • N – Netflix – This week down around 6%
  • G – Google –  This week down around 3%
  • Momentum stock Micron down by 14%.

Every technology stocks are  grilled this week, when the heat is off start eating it !

Yes, this is good opportunity to add technology stocks or ETF.

Historically in last 20 years , technology sectors are the best performers than the standard index funds. They have outperformed index funds by 100% in last 10 years. ( last 5 years of S&P 500 is 70%  , but XLK technology fund is 130% returns )

The technology funds have the annualized return of  15%.

Technology is still in stone age days now , still has several hundred years to get mature level.

Disclosure – I have bi-weekly DRIP investment plan  with Vanguard Information Technology ETF VGT , so technically adding on every dip.

Tech Gurus, What you think of technology is it a buying or selling now – share your thoughts with no shy !!!!

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