October 2018 Dividend Income – Growth of 47.27% ( YoY)

“Investing is not supposed to be easy. Anyone who finds it easy is stupid.”
Charlie Munger

Dividends October 2018

October 2018 dividend growth is 47.27% compared to last year same month. Usually in my portfolio the dividend return is slow in the month of October , but the growth has been good. The market was complete chaos this months , the total portfolio has reduced but not damaging. The good dividend growth and REIT where survived.

  • VNQI –  VANGUARD Intl E/Glb EX-US Rl Est Ix
  • MDT –  Medtronic PLC
  • O-   Realty Income Corp
  • KO-  The Coca-Cola Co
  • T –  AT&T Inc

Recent Buys 

ITW –  Illinois Tool Works Inc

ITW has been in my wish list for long time , and pulled the trigger this month. The average 5 year dividend growth rate is 14.20% , Dividend yield is at 3% and payout ratio is 60% – these provided an attractive entry

AMT –  American Tower Corp

This one of the attractive REIT dividend growth stock . The yield is less , but the growth is nearly 25% ( 5 year ) and yield is 2%

TXN – Texas Instruments Incorporated

TXN was already in the portfolio, recent market drop and stock below 100 sounded like very attractive , so added some on the drop.

T – AT&T

Recent market drop and stock price tuned the stock yield above 6.5% , picked up some here.

Recent Sells 

EMR : Emerson Electric Co

Nothing wrong with the stock , but the growth rate is lowest of all the stock in portfolio, thought it would be better to move the funds to growing stocks.


This was last month buy, but with china trade wars the stock is getting beaten up . The dividend is also yearly payout, will visit this again when is more attractive. This will be growth stock rather than dividend.

Wish List

JPM – JP Morgan Chase.

There are few stocks which are near 52 weeks low, would like to add those more like 3M , MDT, ABBV , ITW , BLK

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